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Bust A Marble

Bust groups of colorful marbles with a satisfying CRUNCH in this fast-paced puzzle game.


Drag your finger to connect long strings of like-colored marbles to remove them from the board and meet the score goal before the time runs out. Plus, get awesome power-ups by including bonus marbles in your marble groups! Even more intuitive than standard “match 3″ type games, this fun puzzler was designed specifically for the touch screen capabilities of the iPad.
Bust A Marble features 20 levels of high-energy play with a dazzling array of colored marbles that increase the difficulty of game play. Advanced special effects such as lightning zaps, explosions, fire, realistic sound effects, vocal feedback, and groovin’ techno music create a full gaming experience that you won’t want to miss.
Earn special Achievements in Game Center and compare your awesome high score to your friends’ scores!

This will soon be your favorite game for iPad!

Game features

  • Game Center integration with Achievements
  • Easy to learn, challenging to master
  • 20 levels of gameplay
  • Bonus marbles for strategic game play
  • In-game tutorial and tips
  • Settings for music, sound effects, and vocal effects

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