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What was that noise?!
It’s just the storm outside…
or IS IT?
What the…?!
You grab a flashlight to check it out…
Download to find out what happens next! ;)

purchase Just in time for Halloween, check out the scariest game of the year!!! Touch the screen to turn on your flashlight or flame thrower and find the ghosts before they make it up the stairs and into your bedroom! Can you survive all 20 waves?

ghosts screen shotSuper lightning gun not enough? Upgrade to the FLAME THROWER!!

ghosts screen shotCan you stop all 5 creepy enemies?

Game features

  • 20 levels of gameplay
  • Upgrade your weapons: super-charged lightning and a flame-thrower!
  • Awesome graphics, music, and sound effects
  • Bonus round mini-game
  • 5 creepy enemies
  • Tutorial
  • Easy, medium, and hard settings

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