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Pocket Poet

Got someone special
Deserving a rhyme?
This app is perfect
Time after time!

For any occasion
You’ll have the right words
To express how you feel
Without sounding absurd!

Thousands of lines
of colorful verse.
And beautiful scenes
For backgrounds diverse.

Just put in some traits
Answer a question or two
The app makes a poem
And sends it, from you!

pocket poet screen shot
Pocket Poet creates custom poems for you automatically!

pocket poet screen shot
Personalize a unique poem for your friends

pocket poet screen shot
Choose one of many colorful backgrounds

pocket poet screen shot
Send your poem to your friends through email, text, facebook or twitter!

Game features

  • Create and send a clever poem in just minutes!
  • Choose from thousands of lines of unique poetry written by the Pocket Poet team
  • Select beautiful, fitting backgrounds for your poems
  • Create poems perfect for many occasions
  • Customize your poem by adding your recipient's physical and personality traits
  • Send your poem by email, text, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Save your completed poem as an image on your device

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